Thursday, February 10, 2005

Which of These Things Is Not Like the Other

Glenn Reynolds reports as follows:
A LATE NIGHT AND AN EARLY MORNING: Taped a segment of Charlie Rose last night with Joe Trippi, Andrew Sullivan, and Ana Marie Cox.
This seems like an unbalanced lineup to me. After all, Glenn Reynolds is a well-known blogger, and the other three guests are not bloggers at all.

Well, I guess that's not completely fair - Joe Trippi has a blog now, which means that Rose apparently decided to split the panel between two bloggers and two has-beens former bloggers.

Ok, I'm still not being fair - even though he's supposedly "on hiatus," Sullivan is still posting more than most bloggers. But really, I just want to pick on Wonkette, and my point still holds for her, so here goes.

Why is Ana Marie Cox still on TV? She's a moderately funny, moderately pretty woman who was hired to write a blog. She has no opinions other than "Republicans suck" and "butt-sex!," and I'm not sure that second thing even qualfies as an opinion. She had some blog for a year or so, quit writing it, then got hired to write Wonkette, then quit writing Wonkette. (Worse yet, her current guest editor is unreadable. Seriously, I've gone from saying "that's not funny" to "this makes no f-ing sense whatever.")

So my advice is - Charlie, unless you really did do a show about survivors and has-beens in the blogosphere, you can do better than Cox. I know you wanted to get invited to Nick Denton's after party, but you're on frickin' PBS. You shouldn't have to sell out for whatever pathetic payola Denton hands out to get Cox on the air - you have standards.

Alternately, if you're going to cast cute hacks without apparent talent, give me a call.

Update:For a glimpse of how happy Sullivan and Cox look now that they're not writing their blogs, go here, and submit a caption while you're at it.