Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The True Villian Behind Special Ops Cody's Kidnapping

Apparently, some guy has claimed responsibility for the now-famous kidnapping of a US soldier doll. (HT: BestoftheWeb).

I'm disappointed that n oone else has figured out the true culprit. I mean, it's so painfully obvious that I'm ashamed of you all for not figuring it out.

Let's review the evidence, shall we? Bush's enemies (in this case, the Iraqi terrorists) have been humiliated by a transparently goofy hoax. As any leftist can tell you, every time Bush's enemies are humiliated by their own apparent stupidity, it is obviously the work of

. . .


Karl Rove!

That's right, by standard leftist reasoning, I have concluded that because Bush has once again benefitted from his enemies' apparent stupidity, the trail once again leads back to Mr. Rove. (Sorry for not offering more evidence than that, but as far as I can tell, that's all the evidence that is ever offered in favor of the various shadowy Rove plots.)

All I can say is, I'm glad we voted for someone whose staff can come up with plans like this. If we'd voted for Kerry, all we would get is Chris Lehane and Susan Estrich issuing petty sound bites about Al Quada, and what good would that be?

P.S.: Does anyone know where Rove was the day these signs were distributed? I didn't think so. Snopes says it was an honest mistake, but I can tell you that Evil Bert was the work of Rove too! Rooove, I tell you, Rooooooove!

Update: This post is a little more timely in light of recent barking moonbat ravings that Rove was responsible for the Rathergate documents. Still, as far as I know, only I realized the real depth of Rove's sneakiness . . . (See also: Ace, Powerline, Michelle Malkin, Confederate Yankee).

Update 2: Let me also say that life is very frustrating when the moonbats can come up with better Karl Rove conspiracy theories than professional (well, ok amateur) satirists such as myself.