Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Three Comments on the Eason Jordan Affair

I have two things to say about Eason Jordan's irresponsible comments at Davos.

First, everyone should go, right now, and read Iowahawk's transcript of the closed meeting where Jordan made his comments. (1) It's amazing, but other than the Arsenio Hall comments, I'm betting Iowahawk got pretty close to what was actually said. (2) It's even funnier if you read the Barney Frank parts in your best imitation of Barney Frank's actual voice. (Of course, I use a Buddy Hackett imitation for Barney Frank, so it's especially appropriate when Frank asks Jordan "With all due respect, Mr. Jordan, what the f*ck? I mean... what the f*cking f*ck!?"

Second, I'd like to disagree with Easongate on forcing Davos to release the tape. I like seeing biased newsmen get their comeuppance as much as the next guy, but if you ask me, Davos should keep the tape sealed. (1) Jordan didn't commit a crime, at least not literally; and (2) as far as I'm concerned, organizations should have the right to keep their records confidential. Jordan was speaking under an expectation that he was operating under the Chatham House Rules, and the people who asked him questions had the same expectation.

Look, we all know that the media is biased, or we should, and it's very satisfing to prove it, but the people at that conference agreed to maintain confidentiality, and no crime was committed. IMHO, Davos should keep the video under wraps.

None of this is to say that we shouldn't beat up on Jordan and CNN as much as we can without the tape, of course, but organizations I don't like should have the same right to meet privately as organizations that I do like.