Monday, February 07, 2005

Secretary Watt Speaks

I wrote Secretary Watt to ask about Mile's allegation that Watt made the "last tree" statement on the PTL Club. Secretary Watt wrote as follows:

I have appeared on the PTL Club with Jim Bakker. Never in my entire life have I thought, believed, said, read or heard anything similar to what Miles is attributing to me.

AS you have researched and written, it is not something believed in any Christian circle that I am familiar, nor could one in or one who has been in public service even accidentally say such a thing.
I suppose it's Secretary Watt's word versus Reverend Miles' at this point, but I'm strongly inclined to believe Secretary Watt - the Miles quote just isn't consistent with the publicly verifiable statements and beliefs of Secretary Watt.

Absent historical evidence, that's probably where the debate has to end. At a minimum, though, I ask again that people who peddle the Miles quote remember to include Secretary Watt's side.