Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Another Watt Update, and Another Goofy Moyers Quote

As Powerline reports today, Watt has written a blistering letter to the Strib, and Moyers has publicly apologized for not fact-checking his fake Watt quote. (See for example, my earlier posts here and here).

However, if Editor and Publisher's report of Moyer's letter to Watt is correct, it seems as if Moyers couldn't resist using the "I'm sorry you're such a jerk" apology form. Specifically, E&P writes, quoting Moyers:

"You and I differ strongly about your record as Secretary of Interior," the letter continued. "I found your policies abysmally at odds with what I understand as a Christian to be our obligation to be stewards of the earth. I found it baffling, when in our conversation of today, you were unaware of how some fundamentalist interpretations of the Bible influence political attitudes toward the environment."

Let's get this straight. Moyers, who doesn't even know the name of the Book of Revelation, finds it "baffling" that Watt, an actual evangelical Christian, has not heard of Moyer's pipe dream that evangelical Christians believe that they can hasten the Second Coming by DESTROYING THE ENVIRONMENT.

Umm, no. In his original article, Moyers offered a total of three pieces of evidence of this supposed evangelical belief that destroying the environment will hasten Christ's coming. The first was Watt's quote, which was fake. The second was a quote by Zell Miller, in which Zell Miller mentioned the word "famine," except that Moyers didn't disclose that Miller was talking about cultural values, not the environment. This leaves Moyers clutching one piece of evidence - a home school textbook that doesn't appear to endorse destroying the environment and has an at best unclear impact on Bush environmental policy.

Given that his two key pieces of evidence turned out to be bogus, I'm not sure why Moyers is baffled that Secretary Watt hasn't heard of his theory. I would have loved to have heard the Moyers-Watt phone conversation, though. Listening in on Moyers lecturing Watt about the true sinister agenda of evangelical Christianity would have made my week.