Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Recent Kerry Campaign Lies

It's a little irritating that various journalists or journalist/bloggers are so quick to call true statements lies, but can't be bothered to notice the glaring Kerry falsehoods.

On the campaign and after, it was the goofy idea that Kerry cried "send me" into danger, when the admitted truth is that he signed up for Swift boat duty when he believed it to be substantially out of any combat zone. (Granted, he served the next 4 months bravely, but why gild the lily?)

More recently, and what is now driving me crazy, is that every time I turn on NPR, I hear Kerry criticizing Bush's so-called "go it alone" strategy in Iraq.

There's no reasonable interpretation for which that statement is true. We went into Iraq alongside dozens of countries, with tens of thousands of allied troops.

It's possible that Kerry means that we should have built a coalition that included slightly more foriegn troops, but how many does he think we realistically could have gotten? The difference between, say, 30,000 allied troops and 45,000 might be material, but it's not the difference between "going it alone" and fighting with "a real coalition."