Thursday, March 20, 2003

Rachel Corrie

There once was a woman named Corrie
Who climbed up in front of a lorrey
If you climb moving dirt
You'll probably get hurt
And that's pretty much all of the story

Caveat: As has been said, both Corrie's death and the way she chose to live her life were tragic. I'm not happy she's dead, but I'm amazed that people who aren't convinced that Saddam is hiding weapons are willing to leap to conclusions without evidence (other than obviously faked photos).

Dr. Frist, I Presume?

I can't figure out if Josh Marshall is joking or not.

Apparently, Josh is bemused because the NYT is calling Bill Frist "Dr. Frist" instead of what Marshall believes is "the more appropriate Mr. Frist."

I don't get it. Frist is a medical doctor with an active license. He still practices, at least on his charity visits to Africa. If you can't call a medical doctor "Dr.," who can you?

Does Marshall object to "Dr. King," "Dr. Kissenger," or "Doctor Dre"? If not, why not?