Friday, February 21, 2003

Paradise Update

A local radio station did a story last week about Paradise.

Magid and Karin Dabdoub called in. (Magid was apparently one of the leading protestors). They said that they thought that the new draft was a lot better, but had some additional concerns. They thought that it was unfair that the play had the suicide recruiter tell Fatima to pray in a mosque before suicide bombing, and that it represents muslims as suicide bombers. Magid was also upset that the play didn't have some more clear statement that suicide bombing is contrary it Islam.

This is a little wierd. Apparently, one of the criticisms of the last draft was that Fatima didn't spend the day before the bombing praying.

The Dabdoubs had a variety of kind of standard criticism - that they thought the ending didn't offer a solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, that they thought there wasn't a sufficient foundation established for Fatima's violence, which suggested that she was somehow culturally violent rather than aggrieved.

I support the Playhouse's right to make changes, especially for a work directed at schools, but hope that they make their own choices - no play is going to satisfy everyone.