Thursday, February 20, 2003

My message, sent from (Suggested by Instapundit).
I am a constituent of yours and recently moved to Ohio. I indend to become a contributor.

I am writing to SUPPORT MILITARY ACTION AGAINST IRAQ, if possible within the UN framework but in any case as soon as possible.

Saddam Hussein and the UN are engaged in even the desultory level of inspections currently ongoing only because of a credible threat of force by the UN and its allies. However, it is increasingly clear that Saddam will never disarm and, barring a diplomatic miracle by the US and its allies, the UN will never act to enforce its own decrees.

Every day that passes is another day that the possibility of war drags on the US economy and distracts the US from dealing with North Korea, and another day in which countless Iraqis die at Saddam's hand. The sooner we act, the more people we can save and the more good we can do.

Thank you for your time,

I don't know if Truemajority will publish them or not, but I encourage as many people as possible to express their opinions, whether pro or anti-war.