Tuesday, February 25, 2003

How the "Human Shields" Could Reduce Civilian Casualties

Apparently, the "human shields" in Iraq are (1) convinced that the depose Saddam coalition is less likely to strike a water plant if it knows that a bunch of hippies are camping out near it; and (2) concerned that Saddam is actually placing them near military targets, or is placing his military assets near civilian targets.

Well, I have a perfect solution. If the human shields really want to reduce human casualties, and they see Saddam committing the war crime of deliberately placing military assets near mosques, hospitals, etc., all they need to do is e-mail the US military with the GPS locations of the (1) protected civilian target and (2) nearby military target. That way, we can make sure that our bombs hit the right thing (after satellite confirmation of the targeting data, of course). In fact, the more targeting data the human shields send us, the fewer civilians will die in any war, and the less incentive Saddam will have to hide his military assets near the civilian installations the human shields are allegedly guarding.

Of course, if the human shields send us incorrect targeting data, then more civilians will die. But lefties like them would never do that, right? Not even the ones who think the Quisling government was funny. . .