Wednesday, January 29, 2003

You Say You Want Some Rope? Ok, Then . . .

Ted Kennedy wants another vote on whether military action against Iraq is justified. I hate to play politics with war, but yes. Oh please, yes. Let all the Democratic presidential candidates take a stand on the war. Let some Democrat argue that inspections are working, even though (a) Hans Blix says that Iraq is cheating and (b) to the extent Iraq is cooperating at all, it's cooperating because we have tens of thousands of troops mobilized for war. ("How long are you proposing to leave our troops overseas and vulnerable to an Iraqi attack, Senator? Oh, you want to bring them home? What makes you think that Saddam will get more cooperative if we lower the threat of war?").

In my opinion, Bush should keep turning up the heat (for example, see Rice's or Wolfowitz's excellent pieces), then present the Security Council with a take it or leave it offer. After that, the Senate can have 48 hours to debate, but make it clear that the Senate is debating the recission of it's earlier authorization. If the Senators can't get the debate done in two days, too bad.

Bush handed the Dems' head to them in the off-year election, with a down economy, because the majority of the people in this country trust him, rather than the Dems, to protect us from terrorism. Another debate on the war would demolish the Dems. They don't have a counter-proposal to the war, and they're deathly afraid that they might oppose the war, then see us win.

Good luck, Ted.